SYJC (2022-23) Online Admission

For FYJC pass students will be carried out Online Only. Only those students whose FYJC result has been declared as PASS will be able to apply for SYJC Admission.

Must be carried out by FYJC (2020-21) cleared students of this college who have not registered or have not completed Fees payment. 

Only those candidates who complete fees payment for SYJC (2021-22) will be valid students of the college. 

Defaulter and FYJC FAIL students will not be able to apply for SYJC admission.

What happens if a candidate does not still pay fees?

Such candidates will no more be students of this college. They become ex-students of this college, irrespective of whether they attend online lectures (without paying fees) or not.

Such students may not be given any further opportunity to make fee payment since time period for carrying out further processes with students is reducing.

College will be unable to include names of such candidates in the valid student list submitted to the Board + Edu Dept. for further process, March 2021 HSC Board Exam applications etc.

Such candidates will not be able to appear for the next HSC Board Exam as regular students.

Non-fee paying candidates will themselves be responsible for the above-mentioned consequences.